Shrink Art Charms


ShrinkArtCharmsShrink Art Charms
Creative Idea byJoy S.

Supplies & Tools:
Shrink Plastic – Clear #3003143 Matte #30003145
Heat It Tool #30003773
Sanding Pad #30131575
Rubber Stamps or *images to trace (coloring books, etc.)

Memento Ink Pad – Tuxedo Black #30103498
Staz-On Ink – Black #30009087
Staz-On Stamp Cleaner #30011438
*Sharpie Marker – Fine Black #91029
Colored pencils – Crayola 24ct. #77768366 or Prang 24ct. #30100692
Clear varnishes – Ceramcoat Gloss #77628180 or Sparkle Glaze #77855908
1” foam Brush #10109
Sharp Scissors – small tip
Fiskars 1/8” Hole Punch #77178541
Wooden Chopsticks or similar for holding plastic while shrinking
Scrap of mat board or chip board

Jewelry Pliers
7mm Jump rings – silver #30102573
Bow Pins – silver #30087527
Ball Chain Key Chains #30119854

NOTE: The finished size of the shrink art image is generally 50% or smaller. If the finished size is important to you, always do a test piece.

Lightly sand the shrink plastic and wipe off the dust. This allows the plastic to “grab” the inks and coloring mediums better. If you plan to add color to both sides,then sand both sides of the shrink plastic.

Basically you have two options to transfer an image onto the plastic:
Stamping -You can use rubberstamps and stamp onto the plastic using Staz-on Ink. If you stamp your image with the Staz-on ink, be sure to clean your stamp with the Staz-on stamp cleaner.

Tracing – You can stamp you image on paper and trace it onto the shrink plastic using a fine point Sharpie marker. This method is great with simple designs and does not stain your stamps. This is also a good way to use coloring book designs or hand drawndesigns.

After you have your image on the shrink plastic, it is time to color your image. NOTE: When you shrink the plastic, the color will intensify and get deeper, keep this in mind when coloring. For this reason, colored pencils are recommended because it is easy to shade with and control the amount of color. You can use other mediums like markers, paints and paint makers. Always test to see what effect you want. Sometimes you may want to color on the back side of the stamped image so that you do not lose some of the details of the designs.

After you have colored your design, you willneed to cut it out. Use small sharp scissors so that you can maneuver around the image without tearing the plastic. Always leave a little outline when cutting around the image. This helps define the image.

After you have colored the image and cut it out, decide if you need a hole to add on a jump ring or similar. If you do, use the 1/8” hole punch and make a hole where you desire.

Shrinking -
Follow the manufacturer’s directions for shrinking the plastic. If you do not have an oven available, you can shrink the plastic with the Heat It tool. Place the shrink plastic piece on a heat resistant surface. Use the Heat It tool to shrink the plastic by heating the plastic, keeping the tool moving constantly over the piece. You can use the wooden chopstick or similar to help hold the plastic down as it shrinks. The plastic will “dance around” and curl up as it shrinks.

IMPORTANT – To make sure that the charm is nice and flat when done, follow these steps. When it finally stops shrinking, stop heatingand place the scrap of mat board over the image and press down to flatten.

Let the piece cool. Seal the piece with a coat of Clear glossy varnish or Sparkle Glaze. Let dry.
Attach a jump ring through the hole and attach to the bow pin or slip onto the ball chain key chain.

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