Birthday Photo Booth

Download Pdf file for Mustache Pattern photo booth back

Photo booth styro-photo-b-frame W



Styro Photo booth frame 30149344

School bus yellow Americana Satin paint 30141053

Dark scarlet  Americana Satin Paint 30141046

True blue Americana Satin Paint 30141066

¾” double sided tape 30080290

Foam brush 10109

Gold glitter 30141792

8 1/2x 11 Red paper

8 ½ x 11 Blue paper

8 ½ x11 Yellow paper

Curling ribbon 3 pieces 36” each


Put together frame.  Stick double sided tape to frame at a diagonal.  Do not remove top layer of double sided tape exposing top of tape.  Paint each diagonal section a different color starting with red.  Then mix red and yellow to create orange.  Then paint a yellow strip.  Next green (mix yellow and blue together), then blue and finally mix red and blue to make purple. When paint is dry pull top layer of double sided tape off and apply glitter to the tape.

Cut out balloon shapes and use double sided tape to adhere to foam. Add curling ribbon to the bottoms of balloons.


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