Beach Bottle Charm


Beach Bottle CharmBeachBottleGlass
Creative Idea by Joy S.

1 qty. Small Glass bottle with cork stopper – 7ml #30136600
1 qty.  Cultured Sea Glass 20mm Starfish –bottle seafoam #30148669
20 gauge wire – Silver #30085106
26 gauge wire – Silver #30085109 or 24 gauge wire– Silver #30085108
Sand – Light brown #77659870 or White with Glitter #30149042
3 tiny shells from Shell Tiny Mix Pack #30150422
Chain necklace, leather cording or ball key chain for finished charm

Basic Jewelry Tool Kit consisting of:
-Round Nose Plier
-Chain Nose Plier
-Flush Wire Cutters
Long Tweezers

NOTE: Basic Wire wrapping skills needed for this project

Remove the cork stopper from the bottle and set aside.

Cut a 6” length of 26 or 24 gauge wire. Wrap the wire around the neck of the bottle, twice. Twist the wire to tighten which will help keep it from moving around. Separate the ends of the wire so that one is sticking upwards and one is going downwards. Take the downwards wire end and use the round nose pliers to roll it into t a coil. Take the other wire and slip the glass starfish on through the back shank. Use the round nose pliers to coil the end of the wire to keep the starfish in place.

Take some sand and just add about 1/4” into the bottle. Use the long tweezers to place about three tiny shells in the bottle.

Cut a 3” length of 20 gauge silver wire. Make a wire wrap loop. Hold the loop next to the cork to compare the length and trim down if necessary. Hold the loop end with the chain nose pliers and slowly screw the end of the loop into the top of the cork center. Place the cork back into the bottle opening.

Hang the beach bottle charm onto a chain or leather cord for a necklace or use as a charm with a ball keychain. Caution: Because the bottle is glass, be careful when wearing not to hit anything hard that could break the glass.

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