Rah-Rah Ribbon


Rah-Rah RibbonRahRahRibbonSample2
Creative Idea by Jenny F.

Two 8” strips of 1-1/2” ribbon grosgrain pink #30148939
One 3-3/4” strip of 3/8” ribbon grosgrain white #30148920
One 2-1/2” strip of 3/8” ribbon grosgrain white #30148920
One 1-1/4” strip of 3/8” ribbon grosgrain white #30148920
2” hair clip/barrette #30102586
low temp glue gun #77536425

1.  With the lighter gently go over all the cut edges of ribbon to prevent them from fraying.

2.  Take one of the 8” strips and fold in half creating a crease in the center.

3.  Hot glue a line along the side of the center crease.  Fold half of the ribbon over to the glue creating a loop.

4.  Place another line of hot glue on the other side of the crease without overlapping. Fold the remaining half over to the glue creating another loop.

5.  With the glued side down take the ribbon and fold it like a hotdog bun with the glued seams coming  together. Put a dollop of glue in the center pinching it together. Then fold the seamed sides back down on either side and hot glue in this position (this creates pleats).

6.  Repeat steps 2-5 for the other piece of 8” ribbon.

7.  Place ribbons side by side and hot glue them together at the center.

8.  Hot glue 3-3/4” ribbon to back of double bow. Set aside.

9.  Open hair clip and pull out center piece. Set aside.

10. With clip open turn upside down and hot glue apx 1/4” of the 2-1/2” ribbon to the inside top lip. Fold ribbon over the top of the clip and secure with hot glue. You should have 1/4” left to wrap around and hot glue to the back side of top.

11.  Take your double bow with the 3-3/4” ribbon on it and hot glue to top ribbon covered hairclip. Wrap the 3-3/4” ribbon around bow and opened clip twice. Hot glue ribbon to bottom. Bow should be secure and attached to clip.

12. Take the last piece of ribbon 1-1/4” and hot glue to the inside of the open clip.

13.  Slide the center piece back into the clip and close.

Note: You can also check out our YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/bfslocations)Crankin’ Out Crafts Episode 359 for a visual demonstration.

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