Snow Much Fun – Whimsy Wands


Snow Much Fun – Whimsy WandsWhimsyWand
Creative Idea by Jenny F.

Americana Lavender Fields Paint 30141068
Sponge brush 30100057
¼” x 12” Dowel 77187542
Glitter lavender tulle (one 10 yard spool will make 3 pompoms) 30108684
3.5”x5” Cardboard
Hot glue 77536425
Rhinestone ribbon 30127677
Turquoise ribbon 3013426


  1. Paint dowel rod
  2. Cut one 5” piece of tulle and set aside
  3. Wrap tulle around the 3.5 side of cardboard  10x’s
  4. Pull tulle off cardboard keeping it together and take the 5” piece and tie the tulle together at the center leaving the loops on either side. Knot it.
  5. Using the scissors cut each loop on either side of the knot
  6. Hot glue the dowel to the center of the knot
  7. Begin to separate tulle to make the pompom look full
  8. Add a little more hot glue to dowel and cover with tulle to make the wand look even  and full
  9. Embellish with rhinestone ribbon

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