Origami Basket


Origami Basketorigami_basket-1
Creative Idea by Joy S.
as seen on The Joy of Crafting Show

1qty. 8.5”x 8.5” piece of paper*
optional: 1/4” Meriken Double stick tape #30013284
*The paper size can change, as long as it is a square. Cardstock is not recommended because it may be too thick.

Note: You can recycle magazine pages for these baskets. the glossy colorful designs are perfect for making baskets.

1. Take the square piece of paper and fold in half diagonally, forming a triangle. Crease well.

2. Fold the triangle in half to form a smaller triangle. Crease well.

3. Open up one side of the triangle and fold into a square by matching the center fold lines. Crease well.

4. Flip over and repeat on the other side so that you end up with a square on point (diamond). Turn upside down so that the “openings” are at the top.

5. On each side, fold the sides of the top layer in to the centerline, forming small triangles. Crease well.

6. On each of the four small triangles, fold the inner point outwards, matching up to the edge. Forms another small triangle (ex. right side).  Crease well.

7. Unfold. Open and flatten to create the “cone” shape (ex. right side) Crease well. Repeat with the remaining three.

8. At the top of each cone shape, fold both points in towards the center line.(ex. right side) Crease well.

9. On both sides, fold up the side layers to the middle and flatten.

10. From the top, fold down the layer as far as it will go and crease well.

11. Unfold. Now, fold the point down to the new creased line.

12. Fold in half to the creased line. Crease well.

13. Fold over one more time. Crease well. Flip over and repeat on the other side.

14. Bring the sides up and flatten. Fold over the other two sides the same way.

15. Fold up the point at the bottom and crease well. This is a very important step which will make it easier to form the basket. This creased line will be the bottom edge of the basket.

16. Carefully, open up the basket from the top. As it slowly unfolds, the basket will form. If you will be adding handles or putting heavy items inside, you may want to reinforce the edges by taping the folded top edges down.

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