Pencil Treat Box


1 qty.   6” x 6” Yellow Gold Cardstock – pencil
1 qty.   1 3/4” x 6” Pink Cardstock – eraser
1 qty.   1/4” x 6” Silver Cardstock – pencil band
1 qty.   2 1/2” x 5 1/4” Beige/cream Cardstock – pencil point
Black Sharpie Marker 91029 or similar
1/4” Meriken Double Stick Tape #30013284

WeR Punch Board – Pillow Box #30147684
Martha Stewart Crafts Score Board #30103578
Paper Trimmer #30088131
Sharp Scissors

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, take the yellow gold cardstock and use the WeR Pillow Box Punch Board to punch out just one side of a pillow box. Keep the other edge a straight edge. Repeat with the pink cardstock.

Place the yellow piece onto the MSC Score Board with the straight edge along the top edge of the board. Score across the piece every 1/2”.

Eraser side:

Place the pink cardstock on top of the yellow piece for the “eraser”, matching up the curved edges and tape down only along the bottom edge NOTE: Do not tape the pink box closure section to the yellow box closure section. Trim off the curved top of the tab edge; follow the scored line as a guide. Place the silver cardstock strip along the bottom of the straightedge of the pink cardstock and tape down for the pencil band.

Place double stick along the tab edge and tape the pillow box together. Fold down the yellow box closure section like you would normally to close a pillow box, notch section first.

Pencil Point side:

Trace and cut out piece from beige cardstock according to the pattern.  Place double stick tape on the tabs and fold in place to make the pencil point. Use the Black Sharpie marker to color in the point on both sides.

Place a strip of double stick tape along the bottom straight edge of the piece, back and front. Slip into the straight edge of the pencil pillow box.

Open the eraser end of the pillow box and fill with treats. Close tabs.

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