Plarn Pom Pom


Picture 2

Supplies & Tools:

8” x 12”  piece of card board
Plarn – Blue #30146880
Plarn – White #3014687
Sharp Scissors

Take the 8” x 12” cardboard and hold it portrait style  with the 8” edge at the top.  Mark the top and bottom with a pen.

Cut a 30” piece of blue plarn.  Center and wrap around the top of the cardboard once. Tape down to secure the loose ends temporarily.

Starting at the bottom of the cardboard, take the blue and white plarn and wrap around from bottom to top 25 times. Have the wrapping end so that the loose end is at bottom of the cardboard.

Remove the tape from the 30” piece of plarn at the top and tie the strands together, securing with a tight knot.

Cut the bottom of the 50 strands apart, trim as necessary.

Take the ends of the 30” piece and wrap around the top 2” of the bundle. Knot securely to form the pom pom handles. Shake the strands loose to fluff into a pom pom and cheer your team on!

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