• Wire Cutter
  • Bent nose plier
  • Round nose plier
  • Chain nose plier


  • 30129827 Chain reaction beaded
  • chain QTY 2
  • 30442749 slice pendent
  • Jump rings small & medium size
  • Earring hooks


1. Join the two chain reaction beaded chain to form a long necklace that can be placed over your head (make it long enough so no clasp will be needed). Save two beads and part of the metal bar & ball, this will be needed to make a pair of matching earrings.

2. Add a jump ring to bottom of your necklace having two beads join by jump ring, add slice pendent then a second jump ring at the bottom of your slice pendent attach with a jump ring chain & ball.

3. Using your pliers attach a small jump ring to bead & slice pendent using your bent nose plier open your ear wire place bead in loop and close, then at the bottom of your slice pendent attach another jump ring then place the bar & ball the bottom of your slice pendent.

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