Happy Owl-Days Wall Hanging


Happy Owl-Days Wall HangingHappyOwlDayWallHanging

1 qty.                  4” wood embroidery hoop # 77614099
1 qty.                  6” x 6” Cardstock for background (oranges, yellows, fall colors)
1 qty.                  Chipboard Owl #30151030
1 qty.                   3” x 4” Med. brown Cardstock – owl body and eyes
1 qty.                  2 1/2” x 2 1/2” Reddish Brown Cardstock – top of owl head
1 qty.                  2” x 2” Dark brown Cardstock – owl wings
1 qty.                  3” x 3” Beige/Cream Cardstock – owl tummy
1 qty.                  2” x 2” White Cardstock – eyes
1 qty.                  1” x 1” Yellow Gold Cardstock – beak
40”                  Ribbon – 1/4” or smaller for bow and hanger
1/4” Meriken Double Stick Tape #30013284
Foam Pop Up Dots #30008288
Black Sharpie marker #91029 or similar
Galaxy marker – White #30065575 or similar for eye accent
Scraps of cardstock – yellow, bright greens, oranges for leaves

Pencil for tracing
Sharp Scissors
Marvy Uchida 1” Circle Punch #30028719
Marvy Uchida 3/4” Circle Punch #30028718
Marvy Uchida 2” Oval Punch (blue) #30028743

Use the pictured sample as a guide.

Trace and cut out pieces from cardstock according to the patterns.

Place the body piece onto the chipboard owl, matching edges and tape in place.

Punch out a 2” oval from the beige/cream cardstock. Place on to the body just above the tail area for the tummy. Tape in place.

Place the head onto the chipboard owl, matching up the edges and over the top of the tummy oval. Tape in place.

Place the top of the head onto the head and tape in place.

Punch out two circles from med. brown cardstock with the 1” circle punch. Punch out two circles from white cardstock with the 3/4” circle punch. Place the white circles onto the med. brown circles and tape together for the eyes. Use the black Sharpie marker and draw the pupils onto the white circles. Use the white Galaxy marker to make dot accents onto the black pupils of the eyes. Place the eyes onto the owl, just below the top of the head. Use foam pop dots to adhere the eyes to the owl. Take the 1” x 1” yellow gold cardstock and cut a small triangle for the beak. Tape in place,  below the eyes.

Place wings on either side of owl body and tape in place.

Creating the hoop background -

Remove the outer frame from the wood embroidery hoop. Place the 6” x 6” cardstock over the inner hoop. Carefully, shape the cardstock around the hoop.  Place the outer hoop back on and carefully, stretch the cardstock onto the hoop. Tighten the screws to hold. Trim off excess cardstock on the back, trimming close to the hoops edge. The screw closure will be the top of the wall hanging.

Place completed owl onto the left side of the hoop, place slightly off the edge. Tape down. Free hand cut oval leaf shapes from assorted scrap cardstock in yellow, bright green and orange. Arrange 7 leaves below the owl and tape in place. Tape 3 leaves at the top of the hoop, below the screws.

From the ribbon, cut 6” and tie to the screws for the hanger. Cut off another 4” of ribbon. With the rest of the ribbon, make a loopy bow. Use the 4” length of ribbon to cinch the loopy bow together and tie to the screw to hide.

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