Resin Tree Pin


Resin Tree Pin


1 qty.                  Chipboard Tag – Tree #30151276
1 qty.                  2”x 2” Green cardstock – solid or printed
Tacky Glue #77609875
UV Crystal Super Resin #30144675
Extra Fine Glitter – Silver #30128164 or other color
4 qty.                   7mm Jump Ring – silver #30095611 or similar
1 qty.                  Bowpin – silver #30087527

UV Lamp #30144458
Corsage Pin #30051607 or similar
Pencil for tracing
Sharp Scissors
Scrap mat board or similar for UV lamp
Jewelry pliers for jump rings

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using the UV Crystal Super Resin and UV lamp. Take precaution not to look directly at the lamp when in use.

Take the chipboard tree and trace the outline onto the wrong side of the green cardstock. Cut out and glue to the chip board tree. Trim as necessary.

Place the tree onto a scrap of mat board to use as a working tray. Follow the manufacturer’s direction and spread a thin coat of resin onto the tree. NOTE: Make sure to keep resin out of the hole at the top of the tree.

Place in the UV lamp for a few minutes. Check if resin has hardened. If not, place back into the lamp for a little while longer.

Add another thin coat of resin over the tree. Lightly sprinkle extra fine glitter over the tree. Place in the UV lamp to harden.

Add one more thin layer of resin. Place in UV lamp to harden.

Use the jewelry pliers to add two jump rings in the hole of the tree. Slip one jump ring onto the two jump rings. Add one more jump ring link to attach to the bow pin so that the tree faces forward.

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