Snow Bucket


Snow BucketSnowBucket

1 qty.     2” Metal Pail with handle #30148464
Hearty Clay – White #77856070
Wood Craft Picks #77676445
Acrylic Paint – Black #77624890
Acrylic Paint – White #77624882
Acrylic Paint – Bittersweet Orange #77627810
Acrylic Paint – Bright Red#77624866
Pine Spray #30150781
Red Berry Spray #30151922
1/2” Jingle Bells – Silver #30055133 or gold #30055125
8” of Ribbon 3/8” or 1/4” for hanger
Optional: Tacky Glue #77609875

Sharp scissors
Thin paint brush
Low temp Glue gun & Glue sticks
Optional: wire cutters for pine spray

Make about a 2” ball from the white Hearty Clay. This will be the snowman’s body. Make a smaller ball about 1 1/4” for the head. Break a craft pick in half and stick halfway into the larger ball. Pierce the smaller ball onto the top half of the pick. This will join the head and body together. Optional, you can add a little Tacky glue to make it more secure. Set snowman aside.

Cut pine sprays into smaller 2” – 3” pieces. Line the top edge of the bucket with the pine pieces and glue in place. Place red berries in between pine and glue in place. Glue in jingle bells for more decoration. Carefully, place the snowman into the bucket and glue in place.

Use the end of the paint brush handle to make dip dot eyes with the black acrylic paint. For the nose, make a larger dot of orange paint under the eyes, and then draw the paint out into a point for the “carrot” shape nose. Lastly, make smaller dip dots in black for the mouth.

On the body, make two red dip dots next to each other. Draw paint into a point at the bottom for a heart.

Tie the ends of the sheer ribbon on either end of the bucket for the hanger. Let paint and clay dry.

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