Snowman Hoopla


Snowman Hoopla


1 qty.                   4” Wood Embroidery Hoop #77614099
1 qty.                  6” Wood embroidery hoop #7614115
1 qty.                  9” x 12” Felt – White #77676635
1 qty.                   2” x 2” Felt – Pink #77676718
1 qty.                  2” x 2” Felt – Red #77676619 for heart
2 qty.                   25mm Moving Eyes #30055161
1 qty.                  2” x 2” Foamie – Black #77613620 for “coal” mouth
4 qty.                  Chenille Stems – Brown #77674085 – for arms
1 qty.                  Chenille Stem – Orange #77674432 – for nose
1 qty.                  Chenille Stem – any bright color for earmuffs
2 qty.                  1 1/2” Pom Poms – any color for earmuffs
3 qty.                   1/2” Jingle Bells – Silver #30055133
24” of Ribbon (1 1/2” – 2 1/2”) for scarf
Red Berry Spray #30151922 or similar for decoration
Pine Spray #30150781 or similar for decoration
12” of Christmas print wired ribbon for bow

Pencil for tracing
Sharp Scissors
Low temp Glue Gun and Glue sticks

Use the picture sample as a guide.

Trace and cut out pieces from felt according to the patterns.

You should be able to get both hoops covered in white felt from the one piece. Take the 6” hoop and unscrew and remove the outer ring. Place the white felt over the inner ring, place close to one corner. Place the outer ring back over and stretch felt over. Tighten screw. Trim off excess felt, trimming close to the hoop’s edge. Repeat with the 4’ hoop and remaining white felt.

Turn the 4” hoop so that the screw is at the bottom. Place on top of the 6” hoop, matching up at the screws. Glue together at the screws. The 4” hoop is the snowman’s head.

Place the two moving eyes onto the head and glue in place. Place the pink felt cheeks below the eyes on either side, glue in place. Take the orange chenille stem and twist into a cone shape for the “carrot” nose. You can wrap around a pencil and adjust loops to make the cone shape. Glue the nose below the eyes in the center. Take the black foamie piece and cut out 5 circular pieces about 3/8” big. Do not make them perfectly round so that they resemble coal. Place the pieces in a spaced apart and in a semi –circle below the cheeks for the mouth. Glue in place.

Take one brown chenille stem and bend and shape into a branch with two short and one long branch for the hands. Start at one end, bend at 2” and twist together about 1”.Go another 3” and twist together. bend the remaining stem to make the three branches. Take another brown chenille stem and twist together to lengthen into an arm. Repeat with the other two brown chenille stems to make the second arm.

Place an arm on either side of the larger hoop body. Glue the ends to the back of the hoop.

Body -
Space the 3 jingle bells evenly down the front of the body and glue in place. Tie the ribbon for the scarf around the neck, covering the screws. Arrange “scarf”, trim ribbon ends and glue in place.

Arrange the Pine spray and berries along the bottom of the body and glue in place. Make a small bow from the Christmas print and glue onto the pine decoration.

Finishing -
Take the single chenille stem and bend in a semi-circle above the head, end to end like a rainbow. Trim if necessary. Glue chenille ends down to the side of the head. Take a 1 1/2” pom pom and glue over the end of the chenille stem to make the earmuffs. This also serves as the hanger.

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