Pumpkin Swirl Pendant


OCT-BS prjt

2–2mm Round Copper Plated Beads 30155483
1–6mm Round White jd half mm Beads 30155717
1–8” 20 gauge Copper Wire 77187062
1–6” 26 gauge Copper Wire 77186981
1–10” 26 gauge Copper Wire 77186981
1–4” 26 gauge Copper Wire 77186981

Wire Cutter
Needle Nose & Round Nose Pliers
2” Bottle or Cylindrical Form

Chasing Hammer
Bench Block

1. Using the wire cutter, cut 8” of the 20g. wire. Then cut a 10” and 6” and 4” from the 26g. wire.

2. Using the widest part of the round nose plier, start at one end of the 20g. wire and curl it over until it makes a circle.

3. To start the pumpkin shape, take the 20g. wire and wrap it around the 2” bottle, starting at the middle.

4. Overlap the two ends of the wire, which will be the top of the pumpkin.

5. Take the straight end of the 20g. wire, and bend it until the end  overlaps the bottom of the circle.

6. Wrap the end around the bottom of the form about two times. Then take the 6”-26g. wire and wrap it around the wrap you just made with the 20g. wire.

7. Next take a 4” piece of 26g. wire and using the round nose plier wrap the wire for the top of the bead dangle. Then add the beads small, large, small again. Finish off by wrapping the rest of the wire around one side of the round nose plier to look like a coil.

8. Using the 10”-26g. wire, bend it in half and wrap the right side around the overlap of the 20g. wire at the top, about 3 times.

9. With the right side part of the wire that is left over make the top of the pendant by wrapping the wire two times around the round nose plier, then finish off by wrapping the wire to finish the wire bail.

10.With the left side of the wire attach the beads, then wrap the wire three more times around the top of the pendant finish off the wire with another coil.


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