Watercolor Batik Card



watercolor1 qty. 4” x 5.25” Watercolor Paper or Mixed Media Paper
1 qty. 4.25” x 5.5” Blank Card – your choice of color
Rubber Cement #3052618
Old brush or inexpensive brush (rubber cement will not wash out completely)
Watercolors #30046596 and brush (or watercolor pencils, etc.)
Fine markers for writing sentiment
Cup of water
Meriken 1/4” Double stick tape #30013284

We are using the rubber cement to create a mask on the watercolor paper.

Dip the brush into the rubber cement and draw a design on the watercolor paper. Let dry.

Using the watercolors, paint across the watercolor paper, over the rubber cement design. Let dry.

With your fingertip, rub off the dried rubber cement. The watercolor paper will be revealed where the rubber cement was. You can leave as is or you can paint in the area with the watercolor paints.

Center and tape the finished watercolor design to the

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