Christmas Bird Hale


Supplies and Tools:Christmas-Bird-Hale-Project
1 qty.                  Wood Birdhouse Ornament #30154292
1 qty.                  Small Bird decoration
Green Acrylic Paint – birdhouse
Red Acrylic Paint – Dots
Silver Acrylic Paint – Star
Snow Tex #77503334
Christmas pick, sprays, etc.
Spanish Moss #77537449
Foam Paintbrush #10109
Paintbrush, small tip
Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue sticks

Paint the outside of the wooden birdhouse with the green acrylic paint. Let dry. Paint the star on the top with the Silver Acrylic paint. Let dry.

Use the end of the brush handle and make dip dot paint red dots on the birdhouse. Let dry.

Brush on Snow Tex onto the birdhouse for accents. Let dry.

Stick a small bunch of Spanish Moss into the birdhouse hole. Glue a miniature bird onto the perch in front of the hole.

Cut apart a Christmas pick and spray. Arrange pine and berries in front of birdhouse by bird. Glue in place.

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