Basic Bow Making


3 yards or more of 2″-2.5″ Wired Edge Ribbon
Floral wire or chenille stem
Sharp Scissors

As you form your bow, you will need to hold the loops of the ribbon together with your fingers. Most people will use their thumb, index and middle fingers to do this.

If a center loop is desired, begin with one end of the ribbon and make a small loop for the center. Holding the loop together, twist the ribbon to keep the right side of the ribbon showing. If you don’t want a center loop, start your bow without step 1.

Make a loop on one side of your thumb. Holding the loop(s) together, give the ribbon a twist and make another loop on the other side of your thumb. Make sure that the right side of the ribbon is showing and the loops are even on both sides.

Continue to make loops, twisting the ribbon as you go. Make an even number of loops until you have the desired size of bow. After the last loop is made, twist the ribbon. Usually, there will be about four loops on each side for a total of eight, not including a center loop.

For the tails, bring the end of the ribbon length up and hold at the bottom of the bow, making a long loop.

Insert a floral wire or chenille stem through the center loop. If there is no center loop, then place the wire on top of the first loop made. Bring the ends of the wire together, making sure to catch the center of all of the loops and the ribbon ends. Twist the wire ends together securely. Cut the long loop in the center to make the tails. To finish, trim the ends of the tails diagonally or into an inverted “V”. Shape your bow by fluffing out the loops.

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