Gumball Clear Ornament


bbg machine orn

1 qty.   3″ Plastic Clear Round Ornament #30121803
1qty.   Wooden Candle Ring #77615112
1qty.   10mm Facet beads-Assorted Colors #30095715
1 qty.   Medium brad-Silver #30080064
Red Acrylic Paint #77624866
DecoColor Paint Marker Fine Point-Silver #77659383
E-6000 Glue #30078037
1″ foam brush #10109
Sharp Scissors
Optional: Sheer ribbon for bow on top

NOTE: Refer to the pictured sample for placement or pieces.

Paint the wooden napkin ring with the red acrylic paint, let dry.

Take the silver brad and break off the two fastener tabs. Place onto the painted napkin ring in the upper half for the gumball machine’s knob.

Take the silver DecoColor marker and paint a U shaped, colored in, for the gumball slot.

Remove the ornament hanger cap. Fill the plastic ornament with the facet beads, about 2/3 full. Put the hanger cap back on.

Place the filled ornament onto the painted napkin ring and make sure it sits straight up. Glue the ball ornament to the napkin ring with E-6000 glue.

Optional: Tie a ribbon onto the top cap.

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