Snowman Bracelet


30095804  faceted black beadsnowman 30095561  black sequins
30148298  4mm white pearl
30148299  6mm white pearl
30148300  8mm white pearl
30061087  memory wire
30155551  3mm aquamarine bead
30098366  4mm alexandrite ab bead
30130354  seed beads

Memory wire  cutter
Round nose pliers

Cut memory wire 1 ½ loops.

At one end of the wire take your round nose pliers and make a coil 2 times.  This will prevent the beads from falling off the bracelet.

To the end of the wire add a seed bead, then a 4mm bead, and repeat until you have 15 of each.  Then add a 3mm bead, a 8mm pearl, a 6mm pearl, a 4mm pearl, 2 sequins together with the top sides facing out, a black bead, and then a 3mm bead.  Repeat the seed bead and 4mm bead pattern again until you have 15 of each.

Finish off with another coil 2 times at the end of the memory wire.

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