Box Card


SUPPLIESbox card
8 ½” x 11” Cardstock – solid or double-sided print for card
1 ½” X 11” Cardstock – contrast for band wrap
Cut-out or cardstock to make embellishment for band
¼” Meriken Double-stick tape #30013284
Martha Stewart Crafts Score Board #30103578
Sharp Scissors
Optional: Punches etc, to make embellishment

Place the 8 ½” x 11” cardstock onto the MSC score board, aligning the 8 ½” edge along the top. Score at the following intervals: 2 1/8” and 6 3/8”. Now, turn the cardstock so that the 11” edge is aligned with the top of the scoring board. Score at the following intervals: 1 ¼”, 3 3/8”, 7 5/8” and 9 ¾”. Crease all scored lines. (Figure 1)

Place the cardstock with the 11” horizontal, right side up (if double sided print). Fold in the 8 ½” edges at 1 ¼” and 9 ¾”. (Figure 2)

Turn the cardstock over. Fold up at the 3 3/8” and 7 5/8” creased lines. (Figure 3)

Through all thicknesses, fold up from the bottom side at the 2 1/8” creased line. Then fold down from the top side at the 6 3/8” creased line. (Figure 4)

Fold each of the four corners down into a triangle, crease well. (Figure 5)

Unfold everything. To create the “box”, stand up side flaps at the 3 3/8” and 7 5/8” creased lines.

NOTE: You can trim the top corner of each flap at a slight angle so that it doesn’t pop out when the card is made. Fold up the top and bottom edges, creating the box shape with the triangular flaps pointing outwards at each corner. Fold triangular flaps to the sides and fold the 1 ¼” flaps on each side down to secure. No adhesive is required to create the card box. (Figure 6)

Fold box flat to make into a card. Wrap the 1 ½” strip around, overlapping the ends and taping together to make the band. Embellish the center of the band with a cut-out, or create a tag with punches. You can also stamp a message or tape an image inside of the box.

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