Jelly Jar Critter



1 qty. 8 0z. Jelly Jar #65235
1 qty. 3” Styrofoam ball #30108967 or #30017676
1 qty. 5 1/2” x 8 1/2” Grey Cardstock – ears, paws, eyes
1 qty. 3” x 4” Grey cardstock – tail
1 qty. 1 1/2” x 3” Pink Cardstock – inner ears and nose
2 qty. 15mm Moving eyes #30015151
Acrylic Paint – grey
6” of White Cloth covered Wire #77479352
10” of Ribbon for bow
Christmas pick
4” Plastic Candy Cane ornament #30097123 or similar

Clever Lever 2” Circle Punch (blue) #30028738
Clever Lever 1” Circle Punch (green) #30028719
Clever Lever 3/4” Circle Punch (green) #30028718
Clever Lever 2” Oval Punch (blue) #30028743
Clever Lever 1 1/2” Oval punch (yellow) #30095873
Sharp Scissors
Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue sticks
Meriken 3/16” Double stick tape #30013283
X-acto Knife #23975 or similar

Paint the Styrofoam ball with the grey acrylic paint. Let dry.

Take the grey cardstock and punch the following pieces:
2” Circle = 2
2” Oval = 4
1 1/2” Oval = 4
3/4” Circle = 2

Trace and cut out two tail pieces with the 3” x 4” grey cardstock.

Punch out two 1” circles from pink cardstock. Freehand cut a small heart for the nose with the remaining scrap of pink cardstock.

Glue the 15mm moving eyes onto the 3/4” grey circles. Glue to the front of the Styrofoam ball, around the midpoint. Hold the three white wire and twist in the center. Spread the wires apart for the whiskers. Glue just below the eyes. Glue the pink heart on top of the center of the whiskers for the nose.

Take each 2” grey circle and use the 2” Oval punch to punch a little curve off one side. This will make it sit on the curve of the Styrofoam ball better. Glue the pink 1” circle over the edge for the inner ear. Turn the ear over and trim off the pink circle to match the grey circle edge. Use the X-acto knife to make a slit on each side at the top of the head to slip the ears into. Put a little glue on the slit and glue ears in place.

Turn the jelly jar upside down.Glue the head to the bottom of the jar.

Take the four ovals and tape two together to make two for the feet. Do the same with the 1 1/2” ovals to make two paws.

Place the paws and the feet on the front of the jar, as shown in the pictured sample. Glue or tape in place.

Cut out two of the tail pieces from the grey cardstock. Tape together. Place on the back of the jar and glue in place.

Tie the ribbon into a bow and glue to the jar below the head. Take a small piece from the Christmas pick and glue to the side of the neck by the bow. Take the candy cane and glue across the front with the paws holding it.

Fill jar with treats.

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