Basic Slider Card


Basic Slider Card
Creative Idea by Joy S.


1 qty.                  4.25” x  5.5” Cardstock for card base
1 qty.                  4” x 5.25” Printed Cardstock for top layer of card
1 qty.                  3.25” x 4.75” Cardstock for slider insert
1 qty.                   2” x 4.75” Cardstock (matches top layer) for slider insert
2 qty.                  1” circle cardstocks
Stamped and colored images or cut-outs

Optional: Sentiment stamp and ink pad
Foam Squares or foam tape
Meriken 3/16” Double stick tape #30013283

Sharp Scissors
Ruler – metal edge, for use with X-acto knife
X-acto knife #23975 or similar
Cutting Mat
1” Circle Punch 30028719

Take the 4” x 5.25” printed cardstock for the top layer and turn over so the wrong side faces up. Measure 1.25” up from the bottom edge and 1” in from the left and right edges. Lightly draw a horizontal line with the pencil. Measure another .3875” (3/8”) up and draw a horizontal line. You should have a box, as shown in the diagram.

Place the cardstock on the cutting mat and use the X-acto knife and ruler as a straight edge and cut out the box.  This .25” x 3.25” opening is for the slider.

Take one of the 1” circles and run a thin piece of double stick tape down the center. Place the second circle on top and adhere together. Fold each side of each circle up to the taped center. This will help it slip through the slider opening.

Slip this circle into the slot so that one side is on each side of the card. This is the sliding mechanism. Push the circle all the way to the left of the opening. Place some tape on the side of the circle that is on the front side of the card. Attach the stamped image you want to slide across the card onto the circle.

Take the 2” x 4.75” matching printed cardstock and tape to the bottom of the 3.25” x 4.75” slider cardstock.  Place the slider cardstock behind the card top. Center and align the right edges of the slider and card top. Tape the other side of the 1” circle slider to the Slider card.

Turn the card over so that the wrong side is facing up. Place foam square or thin strips of foam tape along the top, bottom and left edge of the card. Turn over and center onto the base cardstock.

Add another stamped image to the right side of the slider so that people know where to pullout the slider, making the image glide across the card. Stamp a sentiment onto the slider card is you want. When the slider is pulled, the message will be revealed.

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