Crochet Heart Scrubby


SUPPLIES & Toolsheart scrubby
Red Netting (5 strips at 2in. wide
Susan Bates Aluminum Crochet hook J10


Crochet 4 single chains. Then triple crochet in the first chain that you started with 8 times. So that would be 8 triple crochets.

On the 8th triple crochet, do 2 single chains. This will create the bottom tip of the heart.

Then continue to make 8 more triple crochets in the same chain of the other 8 triple crochet. This will form the other side of the heart. After completing the 8 triple crochets, continue to make 3 single chains and slip stitch through the same last chain of the triple crochet. Do not cut off the excess netting. You will be using two red netting strips.

Repeat to make a second heart without cutting off the netting. As you finish the second heart, place the two hearts together and use a new netting strip to single crochet around the two hearts together. Crochet in between each triple crochets and when you reach the bottom tip of the heart where you have crocheted 2 single chains to from your hearts, crochet 3 single chains in the 2 single chains to keep the form of the heart bottom. Continue to crochet the heart together and slip stitch at the top of your 2 hearts.

Do not cut off the excess netting.

Now you may stuff the excess netting in your heart to create a puffy heart! You can add more netting if you want to so that your heart scrubby will be very puffy! Also note that you may usea bigger size crochet hook if you want to make a bigger size heart.

Happy crocheting!

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