Hearty Clay Cutie (Mouse)


SUPPLIES & TOOLSHearty Clay Cutie
White Hearty Clay #30006454
Grey Acrylic Paint – any shade
White Acrylic Paint #77624882
Black Acrylic Paint #77624890
Pink Acrylic Paint #77626507
Wood Craft Picks #77676445
Fine Tip Paint Brush
Tacky Glue #77609875
Damp paper towel

Optional: 1” x 1” Red Foamie #77613604 for heart

NOTE: You can make your mouse any size by adjusting the amount of clay used.

TIP: Keep a damp (not soaking wet) paper towel around when working with the Hearty Clay. If the clay starts to get a little dry as you work with it, you can dampen your finger tip just a little and dampen the clay. Always use just a little dampness at a time. Too much water added to the clay will make it mushy and difficult to work with.

Roll out a 1” ball of clay. This will be for the head. Roll out another ball just slightly larger for the body. Place the head on the body and join together with a small piece from a craft pick in the center. Use a little tacky glue if needed.

Roll out a .5” ball of clay. Divide into two pieces and roll into separate balls. Flatten each to just a little smaller than a dime for the ears. Make a small slit at the top of the head on each side. Slip the ear into the slit to attach to the head.

Roll out another .5” ball of clay. Divide into two and roll into a log shape. Attach to the body just below the head for the paws.

Roll out a .75” ball of clay. Divide into two and shape into a large teardrop shape. Attach to the bottom of the body for the feet. Make sure that the body is able to stand up.

For the tail, take a small ball of clay and roll out into a thin log. Curl one end and attach the straight end to the back of the body.

Take a .25” ball of clay and divide into two. Roll into two small balls for the eyes. Set aside to dry.

Let clay dry. Paint the mouse with the grey paint. Let dry.

Use the pictured sample as a guide for the painting. Use a bit of tacky glue to attach the two white balls of clay for the eyes to the face. Use the end of the paintbrush to dip dot paint a small dot of black paint onto each white ball.

Use a small amount of white paint and “flick” brush whiskers below the eyes. Paint a tiny heartwith the pink paint in the center of the whiskers for the nose. Paint a little pink in the ears.

Optional: Cut out a small heart shape from red foamie and glue to the paws.

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