Love Connection Bracelet


SUPPLIES love connection 30155612 – 4mm Siam RD
30155584 – 3mm White Jade RD
30146826 – SF Puff Heart Charm
30157160 – Rhinestone Love
30127614 – Heart Toggle Clasp
30038926 – Beadalon 7.0 Bright Stringing Wire
30095621 – Crimp Tube
30095612 – 4mm Jump Rings

Standard Crimp Tool
Long Nose Plier
Wire Cutter

1. First cut a 20” length of beading wire.

2. String the wire through the ring on the “L” side of the (LOVE) connector to the middle of the wire. String the two ends through a crimp bead and while holding the two ends together, slide the crimp bead to the ring. You should end up with two lengths of line that are more or less equal to each other. Crimp the bead closed.

3. Next string beads on the wire, 44 red on one side, 50 white on the other.

4. Then twist the strands, put both lines through another crimp bead.

5. String on the pole end of the toggle, bring the ends through the crimp bead, pull taut, and then crimp the bead closed.

6. Next add the heart side of the toggle to the “E” on the ring of the (LOVE) connector with a jump ring.

7. Finish off by adding the puffy heart to (LOVE) connector with the jump ring.

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