Kokeshi Matchbox Treat Holder


Kokeshi Matchbox Treat Holder
Creative Idea by Joy S.


1 qty.                  4” x 6” Cardstock – matchbox  (pink color)
1 qty.                  4” x 7” Cardstock – matchbox wrap cover  (matching pink color)
1 qty.                  3” x 7” printed paper – kimono (matching color)
1 qty.                  1/4” x 4” Cardstock – neckline (matching color)
1 qty.                  1/2” x 7” paper/cardstock – obi (matching color)
1 qty.                  2” Circle Cardstock – beige/tan for face
1 qty.                  2 1/2” Circle Cardstock – black for hair
Scrap cardstock for flower or other hair embellishment
Sharpie marker #91029  or similar – black
Paint/Chalk marker – white
Colored Pencil – pink or light red
3/16” Meriken Double Stick tape #30013283
Foam Pop Up Dots #30008288
treat for inside the box

Pencil/pen for tracing
Sharp Scissors
Marvy Uchida Clever Lever 2” Circle Punch (blue) #30028743
Marvy Uchida Clever lever 2 1/2” Circle Punch (pink) #30028751
Fiskars Sure Cut Paper trimmer #30088131
Martha Stewart Crafts Score Board #30103578

Place the 4” x 6” cardstock onto the MSC Score Board, aligning the 6” edge along the top of the board. Score at the following points: 1” and 5”.Turn the cardstock and align the 4” edge along the top of the board. Score at the following points: 1” and 3”.

Snip at all four corners as indicated on the diagrams, stopping at the scored lines, to form the tabs.

Crease at all scored lines and fold in tabs at each end. Tape together to make a box.

For the sleeve cover, place the 4” x 7” cardstock onto the MSC score board, aligning the 7” edge along the top. Score at the following points: 1”, 3” 4” and 6”. NOTE: You can also score at the 1” to get started than just wrap the cardstock around the box and crease at the edges. Overlap the ends and tape together. Slide box into the sleeve.

Wrap the washi or printed paper around the sleeve, aligning with one edge. Tape to the sleeve. Take the 1/4” cardstock strip and cut into two pieces. Use the picture sample as a guide and angle cut one end of each strip and align to the top edge of the washi/printed paper. Place at an angle to form the “v” neckline, cut off excess cardstock. Tape the strips down. Take the 1/2” strip and warp around the box, covering the bottom ends of the “v” neckline. Tape in place for the obi.

Trace and cut out the hair from the black 2 1/2” cardstock circle. Place the 2” circle behind the hair, aligning the circle to the top of the black hair, tape in place. Use the black marker to draw in two eyes on the face. Use the white marker to add a small dot on each eye for a highlight. Use the colored pencils to lightly draw in circles below the eyes for cheeks.

Add a flower or similar as an embellishment on the hair.

Place the head at the top of the kimono and tape to the box using foam pop up dots. Add a treat to the box.


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