Origami Cherry Blossom Basket


Origami Cherry Blossom Basket
Creative Idea by Joy S.


5 qty.                  3” x 3” Square sheets of paper *
3/16” Meriken Double Stick Tape #30023283

*NOTE: You can use any size of square paper to change the size of the finished basket. Origami, wrapping paper and medium weight paper work best.

1)     Place the square paper on point and fold in half to form a triangle. Crease well and unfold.
2)     Fold the right and left points to the middle center crease line, forming a point on the bottom. Crease well.
3)     Fold the top triangle down to the top edge of the center triangles. Crease well. Unfold all.
4)     Fold the top triangle down again.
5)     Fold the right side edge to the center crease line, aligning the edge with the center crease line. Crease well.
6)     Repeat with the left edge.
7)     Fold both sides back together at the center line.
8)     Fold the top triangle back and then to the front, just to create a crease line. Place the piece in front of you with the center fold line to the right.
9)     Fold up the bottom point to the straight edge. Crease well. Unfold.
10)  Lift and open the top left flap. Fold up the bottom point again, this time tucking the point into the triangle pocket at the top.
11)  Fold the left flap back down.
12)  Pick up the piece and carefully open it up at the top. Flatten the piece, aligning the two middle lines, to create crease line.
13)  Unflatten and open up pocket again, this time pushing in the top small triangle to form the cherry blossom petal.
14)  Repeat with the other four sheet s of paper.
15)  Tape all five petals together at the sides to create the basket.

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