Cabbage Bunny


Cabbage Bunny
Creative Idea by Joy S.


White Hearty Clay #77856070 or #30006454
Green Hearty Clay #30030919
Pink Acrylic Paint
Fine tip paintbrush
Tacky Glue #77609875
Optional: 2” Clay Pot #30125996
Paper towel

NOTE: Hearty Clay is air dry clay and should be stored in an air tight container when not being used. When working with the clay, if it starts to dry out, only add a tiny droplet of water at a time to make it moist again. Too much water will make the clay mushy and difficult to work with.

To make the Cabbage –
NOTE: You can also refer to our Hearty Clay rose project sheet for more Hearty Clay tips.
Basic petal “leaf” making:
Just like making Hearty Clay rose petals, start by taking some clay and roll it into a teardrop shape. Place the teardrop in the palm of your hand with the point on the bottom. Carefully spread the clay to the left and right while flattening to create a petal shape. Carefully lift the petal off of the palm of your hand, the texture of your palm will be impressed on the clay, giving it a realistic leaf look. Making the “leaves” of the cabbage is similar to making petals for roses. But for the cabbage, it’s even better when the edges are not perfect!

For the cabbage, start with some green clay and make five leaves about 1” wide. Place them together like a flat flower, overlapping each other on one side. Curl edges up a little.

Next, take some white clay and add some of the green clay, a little at a time, and knead until you get a slightly lighter version of the green. (The green clay is a pigment so a little goes a long way for color!) When you are happy with the color, make five leaves about 3/4” wide. Place on top of the five green leaves, overlapping the edges. Save the excess lighter green clay.

Again, add some white clay to the leftover lighter green clay to create an even lighter shade of green. Make five 1/2” wide leaves and layer on top of the forming cabbage. Save the excess lighter green clay.

Again take the leftover light green clay and add white to make the lightest shade of green. Make five 1/2” leaves and add as the top layer.

Slightly shape the cabbage by cupping the center; this is where the bunny will dive in! Set aside for now. You can rest the clay piece on a paper towel shaped into a ring to keep its cup shape.

To make the Bunny –
NOTE: Adjust the size of the bunny to match your cabbage.
Take some white Hearty Clay and roll into a 1 1/2” ball for the body. Place onto the center of the green cabbage. Use a little tacky glue if needed to attach the clay pieces together.

Roll out two 3/4” balls of white clay and shape into thick rounded teardrops for the feet. Tuck the pointed ends under on one side of the body, referring to the pictured sample for placement.

Roll out two 1/2” balls of white clay and flatten into longer teardrops shapes for the ears. Place on the opposite side of the body, with the ears coming out over the body.

Roll a 1/2” ball of white clay and place on the body above the feet for the tail.

Paint the details of the feet with the pink acrylic paint. Optional: You can paint under the bunny ears, too.

Let the bunny and cabbage dry. Optional: You can coat with matte acrylic sealer if desired.

You can place the cabbage on top of a small clay pot to use as a favor. You can add a pin back on the cabbage back and wear as a brooch.

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