Starfish Frame (Framed Beach Art)


Starfish Frame (Framed Beach Art)
Creative Idea by Jenny F.


30029805 White 12×12 Scrapbook Frame
30137612 12×12 Burlap Fabric Sheet
30154352 Chalky Finish Vintage – Americana Paint 8OZ
77536417 Mini Glue Gun – Low Temp
30118061 Glass Gems
30141426 Alcohol Ink .5OZ ET STREAM
30155160 Starfish 2CT
30150432 Netting
77659581 Decocolor Pen-BRD WHITE
Sandwich Bag
Paint Brush
Optional: Rubbing Alcohol

Take desired amount of glass gems and place in sandwich bag.  Add a couple of drops of alcohol ink.  If the color is too light add a few more drops, if color is too dark add a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Once you have achieved your perfect color then place glass gems on a paper towel to dry. 

Using the Chalky Finish Vintage paint, brush over burlap lightly, just enough to give the burlap some color. Set aside to dry.

Open 12×12 frame and remove advertisement paper from frame, hot glue painted burlap to inside of frame backing to secure.  Arrange netting, glass gems, starfish and shells on burlap and then hot glue in place.

Assemble frame back together.

Write a saying on the front of the glass with deco color pen.

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