Styrofoam Bunny


Styrofoam Bunny
Creative Idea By Joy S.


1 qty.                  3” x 2 1/2” Styrofoam Egg #30082973
2 qty.                  10mm Moving Eyes #30055150 or #30055157
1 qty.                  2” x 3” Pink Foamie #77613596
6” of White Cloth Covered Floral Wire #77479352
White Chenille Stem #77677382
Snowtex #77503334 or white Acrylic Paint #77624882
ribbon for bow

Pen/Pencil for tracing
Sharp Scissors
Low temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Craft stick or palette knife

Cover the Styrofoam egg with the Snowtex or white paint. Let dry.

Trace and cut out the ears from pink foamie according to the pattern. Take the white chenille stem and cut in half. Bend each one into the shape of the bunny’s ears, placing on the pink foam ears to match. Twist the ends together at the bottom. Glue the chenille stems to the foamie ears.

Hold the egg so that the smaller end is at the top. Use the point of the scissors to make two small holes at the top of the head. Stick the twisted stem ends into the holes. Remove ears, add glue and replace.

Place the two eyes on the egg and glue on. take the 6” of white cloth covered floral wire and cut into three pieces. Twist together at the middle and spread the ends apart, three on each side for the whiskers. Glue below the eyes. Cut out a tiny heart from the leftover pink foamie. Glue the tiny heart onto the center for the nose.

Make a bow with ribbon or your choice and glue to the bottom of the bunny’s head.

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