Warm Fuzzy Panda


Warm Fuzzy Panda
Creative Idea by Joy S.


2-qty. 1 1/2”  White Pom Poms #30006982
4-qty. 1/2”  Black Pom Poms #30006968 – ears & paws
2-qty. 3/4”  Black Pom Poms #30099196 – feet
1-qty 1/2”  White Pom Pom #30006962 – muzzle
1-qty. 7mm  Black Pom Poms #30007021 – nose
2-qty. 10mm moving eyes #30055150 or #30055157
1-qty. 1” x 2” Black Felt #77676643

Mini Metal Pail #30148464
Circle Card Holder #30129039

Pen/Pencil for tracing
Sharp Scissors
Low temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Refer to the pictured sample as a guide for placement.
Take the two white 1 1/2” pom poms and fluff.  Glue the two together to make
the head and body.  Glue a black 1/2” pom pom on each side at the top of the head for the ears.

Trace and cut out the two eye pads from black felt according to the pattern.  Glue onto the head where the eyes will be.  Glue a 10mm moving eye onto each eye pad.

Glue the white 1/2” pom pom near the bottom center of the head for the muzzle.  Glue the black 7mm pom pom on top of the nose.

Glue the two 3/4” black pom poms on the bottom of the body for the feet.  Position the two black 1/2” pom poms on the body how you want before gluing them on.  You can keep them together to “hold” something or you can separate them like they are raising their paws into the air!

Finishing options -
You can place some candy in a bucket and place the panda on top.  Add a little message sign for a fun party favor.

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