Chickee Treat Holder


2 qty. 6” x 6” Yellow cardstock for body, wings and feather top
1 qty. 2” x 2” Orange cardstock – for feet and beak
chickee treat holder 2 qty. 10mm Moving eyes #30055150
1/4” Meriken Double Stick Tape #30013284
Mini Glue Dots #30051510
WeR Gift Box Punch Board #30149353
Clever Lever 3.5” Scallop Circle punch – green #30090355 or similar
Clever Lever 2” Heart Punch – blue #30028735
Clever Lever Star Punch – green #30028711
Pen/pencil for tracing
Sharp Scissors
Tissue paper and treats to fill the box

Take one of the 6” square yellow cardstocks to make into the box base. Follow the WeR Gift Box Punch Board instructions to make a 1.75” x 1.75” x 1.75” box.

Fold in and tape down all of the flaps of the box to the inside. Choose the side you want for the front.

From the remaining 6” square yellow cardstock, punch out a 2” heart and a 3.5” scallop circle. Cut the heart in half and tape one to each of the sides of the box for the wings. Cut a wedge from the scallop circle. Refer to the pictured sample and position the wedge inside the box at the top of the face. With the scallop edge peeping out on top, tape to the inside of the box. Use the glue dots to add the eyes below.

Take the orange cardstock and punch out three stars. Snip one point off one star and tape to the front below the eyes for the beak. Place the other two stars at the bottom corners of the box for the feet. Place so that only three points are sticking out and tape in place.

Line the box with the tissue paper or paper shreds. Fill with treats.

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