Sunshine Art Board


SUPPLIES & TOOLSsunshine art board
1 qty. 12” x 12” Canvas Panel #30062254
1 qty. Smooth Foam 4.5” Half Ball #30159953
Acrylic paints:
Turquoise Blue
Light Blue
Bright yellow
Paint Brushes
Black Marker – Sharpie or Copic or Paint maker
Low Temp Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Optional: ribbon or picture hangers

Paint across the 12” x 12” canvas board with the two blue paints. Mix them up to get a sky-like look. Let dry.

For the sun, paint the smooth foam half sphere with the yellow paint. Add some highlights with the orange paint. Let dry.

Place the sun on the canvas. If needed, use the pencil to lightly draw the sun rays coming from the sun. Remove the sun and paint the sunrays. Let dry.

Use the black marker to write in “You are my Sunshine” along the top of the canvas. Go over the lettering a couple of times to make them standout. Glue the sun to the canvas.
Optional: add ribbon or picture hangers to the back for hanging on the wall.

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