Wishes & Dreams Jar


1 qty. Purple Mason jar #6292445
1 qty. LED Firefly Lights – 30ct Warm White #30151836
18” of Silver Wire – 20 gauge #77187013
Crystal Fiber – Deckle #77353045
Scrap cardstock for jar top
Black Sharpie Marker #91029
18” of Silver ribbon or similar for jar lid
Jewelry wire cutter
Jewelry round nose pliers, chain nose pliers
Scrap paper for sketching
AA batteries for light set

Jar lid – take the scrap cardstock and use a circle punch or just trace the lid and cut out. Write a message like “Wishes and Dreams” and place on the jar lid. Set aside.

You can form the wire into any shape that you want, the sample shows a star. It may be helpful to draw out the shape on a scrap of paper to use as a guide.

Take the wire and start from one end to create your shape. Make sure that it will fit in the jar mouth.

Wrap the LED firefly lights around the wire shape making sure that the end connecting to the battery source is at the top of the shape.

Place the wired shape inside the jar against the glass. Fill the jar with crystal fiber. Place the battery source in the jar with the switch at the top. Turn switch on. Add more crystal fiber to hide the battery source. Screw the jar lid in place. Add embellishments to the jar lid as desired. Tie ribbon around the jar lid and make a bow. Trim ends of ribbon.

Remember to turn the light off when not in use.

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