Graduation Cap Favor Container


Graduation Cap Favor Treat Container
Creative Idea Shown by Colleen M.
As seen on the Joy of the Crafting Show


Black chipboard 2 ½” x 2 ½” in. square (8 ½’’ x 11” chipboard sheet #30151606)
2 pcs. of cardstock cut at 2” x  6 ½” (your choice of color/prints)
brads #30153562
Meriken double-stick tape #30013283
Tacky Glue #77609875  (or glue gun with glue sticks)
DMC floss (your choice of color)
1- qty. Toilet paper roll (to use as a shape guide/tool)
Pencil or white-out pen (optional for marking)

*Note: Using a 12” x 12” sheet of cardstock, you can make two graduation cap favors.

2” circle scallop punch #30090346
1 ½” circle punch #30090341
paper trimmer
scoreboard or use scoring line on paper trimmer

Optional:  piecing tool, awl or small hole punch for chipboard


Making the Base (Bottom):
Cut out 2-qty. 2” x 6 ½” pieces out of cardstock. On both 2” x 6 ½” rectangles, double-stick the end part of your edges on the 2” sides. Place your 2” x 6 1/2 ” paper on your scoreboard, short way (2” at the top with 6 ½” going down) and score ½” downward on one side. Do the same for the second piece.

Making the Cover (Top):
Roll the first piece of the rectangle around your toilet paper roll showing the crease mark at the edge of the roll and seal that end with the double-stick tape. Do the same for the second rectangle around the first one loosely, so that it will slide back and forth over you first one. Place the cover piece to the side.

Assembling the Box:
Push your base roll a little past the crease mark, so that you may cut little ½” slits around your edge, not passing the crease mark.

Punch out a 2” scallop circle out of cardstock. Take the base piece and push all the cut tabs down and apply glue on the folded down tabs. Glue to scallop circle piece. Press down and while holding your base, gently lift the roll up to remove.

With your fingers, press the inside tabs to secure your base to the scallop circle, making sure it’s centered. Punch out a 1” circle from cardstock and glue to the inside to cover the tabs inside the base. Place to the side.

Making the Grad Cap Top:
Take your black 2 ½” square chipboard piece and mark the center using a pencil or white-out pen. Pierce the center with a piercing tool, awl, or small hole punch for chipboard.

Making the Tassel:
Cut a 24” piece of DMC floss. Double it and fold over about 5” back and forth three times, ending with six strands. Take a small piece of DMC floss and tie in the middle. Adjust to make it even, then make a knot.

Use a strip of scrap cardstock (about 1/8” wide) and glue around the knot of the tassel to cinch. Trim the strip to finish.

Cut the loops of the tassel and trim the ends evenly.

Attach your DMC floss and brad and place it in the center hole of the chipboard piece. Spread the tabs of the brad to secure it in the hole.

Take your cover piece and place it on the roll. Repeat what you have done with the first base and secure it with glue. Place and glue the cover piece over the bottom of the chipboard square showing the brad tabs inside facing up (slits with glue facing down).

Hold your cover piece and gently remove the roll. Press the tabs down while centering the sleeve with the square.

Punch a 1” circle piece and glue to the inside of the jacket sleeve to cover all tabs and brad tabs.

You can put a message on your 1” finishing circles (Thank you for coming, Graduate’s Info, etc.)



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