5-Chain Crochet Lei


5-Chain Crochet Lei
Creative Idea by Colleen M.
As seen on the Joy of Crafting Show


4-ply Red Heart® Super Saver Yarn (your choice of colors)

Optional: Sheer Ribbon for Bow

Crochet Hook size 6.00 mm / J10 #77607523
Crochet Hook size 5.5 mm / I9 #30060857

*NOTE:  Basic Crochet Knowledge is needed for this project.

This tutorial is for the beginner who is learning to crochet. This helps beginners to practice their skills, as well as to accomplish their first project without becoming overwhelmed.

Leave 10” of yarn before beginning. Make 5 chains, join your 5th chain to the first chain that you started with, so that it makes a circle.

Place your crochet hook into the second chain and do a slip stitch, then the third chain and repeat. This will cause a spiral effect as you keep doing this repeatedly. As you do this try to relax and do not tighten your chains – keep this loosely so that you may continue.

Keep chaining until you have reached 3-1/2 yards.

At the last chain, cut at least 10” of your yarn and pull that yarn through your last chain. It will secure your project.

Make two more strands and tie them together to complete lei. Optional: Add a bow to finish.

*NOTE: For a different look, you can also use Rattail Cording instead of yarn.




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