Noodle Lei


Noodle Lei 
Creative Idea by Rachel A.


1 qty. Pool Noodle  #8307092
1 qty. Doll Needle  #77823195
1 qty. Beadalon Supplemax Monofilament
Illusion Cord (Suji)  #30061106
Styro Cutter  #77963397
Yardstick  #11158

Ribbon for bow

Measure out the length of your Beadalon cord.   The average lei is about 36”.  You can adjust the length according to the person’s height.

Use the yard stick to measure and mark 1” segments of the pool noodle.  You will need between 10 and 13 segments, depending on how long you make your lei.

Using the Styro Cutter, cut each of your segments.  Try to cut them as evenly as possible.

Thread your cord through the doll needle.  Tie a double knot at the end.  Now you can begin to string the noodles and beads.  Alternate between the noodles and the beads so that there are beads between each noodle.  When you are done, tie the two ends of the cord together and trim the extra.  You can add a ribbon bow if you like or leave as is.

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