Made With Love Adjustable Bracelet

16 gauge Silver Wire (30085104)
Drop – Tree of Life (30138837)
Drop – Made with Love (30071777)
Sea Glass Strand (30161875)made with love bracelet
5mm Jump ring Silver (30102572)
1 inch headpin (30095596)

Chain Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
Flush Cutter
Bracelet Jig (30161303)


  1. Using the bracelet jig, use the rubber stopper to hold one of the jig pins in place.
  2. Place the second pin approximately 2.5 inches over, two rows down, using the other rubber stopper to hold it in place (this will determine the amount of overlap in the wires).
  3. Leaving a 2-inch tail, wrap the 16 gauge wire one time around the first peg.
  4. Wrap the wire around the jig, then pass the first peg and stop at the second peg (there should be a slight overlap)
  5. Wrap the 16 gauge wire one time around the peg then cut the wire, leaving a 2-inch tail.
  6. Remove the pegs, then from the barrel, position the bracelet lengthwise. Turn one loop upwards and the other one downwards. Slide the wire into the loop.
  7. Using the round nose plier, wrap the 2-inch tails around as desired (to secure the wires to each other) then cut off the excess wire.
  8. Open a 5mm jump ring and add the charms to attach onto the bracelet on the adjustable part of the bracelet.
  9. Using a headpin, string a sea glass with two beads, then another sea glass bead. Use the round nose pliers to create a loop.
  10. Open a 5mm jump ring and attach the sea glass bead to the bracelet.

Perfect for a Mother’s Day Gift! Enjoy!

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