Tassel Earrings


Ear wiresTassel Earrings 6mm Jump rings
Eye pins
Tassel cord silver/black (30161317)
Beadalon poly thread in silver (30120150)
Faceted round crystal bead (30134775)
Tweezers curved (30161312)
Bead glue (30161318)
Beading scissors 4in (30161311)
Tassel making tool (30161302)
Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Wire cutters
Set up your tassel making tool so that the mandrels are placed in the second to the last hole of each end of the truss.

If your tassel making tool is not sticking well to your work table, place some packing tape under it as it will give the suctions cups more to cling to.

Take 3 yards of tassel cord. Unscrew one of the wing nuts enough to catch one end of the tassel cord while leaving about a 3-4 inch tail to be used for tying later.

Tighten the wing nut and wrap the material by holding it with light tension with one hand and turning the crank on the handle of the tassel maker. Continue to wrap until you are left with about 4 inches of cord.

Move the wrapped tassel cord towards the center of the mandrels, this will make it easier to tie off the ends.

Hold your left pointer finger above the mandrel, use the bent nose tweezers to bring the cord end over your pointer finger and then thread through the gap between the wrapped cording. You should have a loop of cording created above the mandrel with your pointer finger, twist the loop, bring the end of the cord through the loop, and pull tight.

Repeat on the other end after removing the tail from the tightened wing nut. Open a 6mm jump ring, scoop up the tassel end and completely close the jump ring.

Take 1 foot of the poly thread. Keep a 3 inch tail and then use a surgeons knot to tighten around the thread right below the jump ring. Wrap the rest of the thread several times around that area until you only hve 3 inches of thread left. Tie off both ends together several times and then set with the beading glue.Repeat on the other side.

String a faceted crystal onto an eye pin and use the round nose pliers to create another eye on the other end of the bead. Trim off the excess wire with wire cutters. Repeat with another bead.

Cut through the center of the wrapped tassel cord so that you end up with 2 tassels. Trim the ends to be even.

Attach a tassel to a bead and then the bead to an ear wire. Repeat for the other side.

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