Plarn Pom Pom



plarn pom pom SUPPLIES & TOOLS 
Two colors of Plarn, 1 roll each
Scrap of sturdy cardboard – about 12” in length, at least 8” in width
Sharp scissors

Take the ends of the two colors of Plarn and hold together. Wrap around the piece of cardboard (the 12” length) 80 times or more. The more wraps, the fluffier the pom pom.

Take a 24” length of Plarn, either color, and double up. Slip under the wrapped strands of Plarn on one side and begin to tie together. Carefully, slip the wrapped Plarn off of the cardboard and tie the bundle together securely.

Take another 24” length of Plarn. From the knotted center, squeeze the Plarn bundle together. About 3” from the knotted center, take the 24” of Plarn and wrap around the bundle, working your way towards the knotted center. Wrap as tightly as possible to form a grip or handle for your pom pom. Tie the ends to secure.

On the loose ends of the Plarn bundle, cut the loops apart. Trim the ends to make them all even. If you want, you can shred the strands of Plarn to make it even fuller.

Repeat to make another pom pom for a complete set.

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