Shrink Art Necklace


Shrink Art Necklace


Clear Shrink Plastic #30003143
Big Shot die cutting machine and accessories #30162008
Shape dies your choice, (Bigz Steel rule dies recommended)
Fiskars 1/8” Hole Punch #77178533
Toaster Oven and baking tray
Chipboard scrap wrapped in foil
Alcohol Inks – assorted colors
Alcohol Inks Applicator #30098139
Jump rings 7mm silver #3009611 or 30095655
Jump rings 6mm silver #30095654
1mm Black leather cord #30145215 or similar for necklace

Oven mitts, potholders
Wooden chopsticks or craft sticks for picking up/ flattening shrink plastic
4mm Crystal Bicones – coordinating colors
2” Head pin, silver #30134764
Jewelry Round Nose Piers
Jewelry Chain Nose Pliers
Jewelry Flush Cutters

*NOTE: Because of the use of the toaster oven, it is recommended that young children have adult supervision. TOASTER OVEN used must not be used for food after using for shrink plastic.

NOTE: These are basic instructions for making jewelry from Shrink Plastic jewelry using dies and coloring with Alcohol Inks. Steel rule dies will be the best to cut from; some thinlits are usable, too, depending on the intricacy of the design. Experiment and have fun!

Preheat oven according to the Shrink Plastic instructions.

Following the manufacturer’s directions, die cut some pieces from clear Shrink Plastic. You can also use white or matte Shrink Plastic but the alcohol inks look really great with the clear.

Decide on your jewelry design, where you will need holes:
1) to attach to cords or chain
2) where you will want to add dangling embellishments
3) or join pieces together
Use the 1/8” hole punch to make holes where needed. It is easier to punch the holes before shrinking the plastic; the holes will shrink in size as well.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to shrink the pieces in the toaster oven. You can place the pieces on a scrap piece of chipboard wrapped in foil for shrinking. Remove pieces from the oven; BE CAREFUL, THEY CAN BE HOT at first!

If the pieces are not flat, quickly flatten by pressing the flat side of a craft stick on top as soon as your remove from the oven. For some pieces, you may want it curled for more interest.

Color the shrunken pieces with the alcohol inks. Add drops of alcohol ink onto the felt pad and dab onto the shrink plastic piece. Mix and/or layer colors as desired. You can color both sides, too.

After you have colored the pieces, you can assemble your necklace. Use the jewelry tools to add on jump rings so that you can hang your piece from a leather cord or chain. You can attach the pieces together or add other crystals and beads depending on where you added holes. Experiment with designing and have fun!

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