Nāu Ko‘u Aloha (My love is yours)


SUPPLIES & TOOLS nau kou aloha
Bracelet blanks #30161340
Letter stamp font style of your choice
Bracelet bending bar # 30161331
Steel bench block # 30123678
Brass stamping hammer # 30144471
Chasing Hammer # 30148831
Steel files # 30148831
Painters tape
Sharpie marker
Rubbing Alcohol
Paper towel


    1. Take bracelet blank, place on bench, block pound with medium force using ball side of hammer head, to make hammered finish.
    2. Take painters tape to create a base line for lettering, this will help insure lettering is straight, or you may stagger letters in a high and low pattern.
    3. Select lettering to punch, make sure your lettering is facing the correct way. With brass stamping hammer, pound first letter on to your bracelet form using medium force, make sure you pound only once this will ensure a crisp image, then move on to your next letter.
    4. Take your next letter and tilt stamp away from you so you may see font reflection on blank, this will help your spacing in between letters.
    5. After all your lettering is done, take flat bracelet blank and insert one end into grove of your Bracelet bending bar, bend around to form bracelet repeat on the other side.
    6. Next you will file edges of your blank in a ‘U’ shape using your steel files.
    7. Using a black sharpie, color bracelet letters making sure to get in the letter impression, then using a paper towel wipe off with rubbing alcohol.
    8. Polish bracelet with sunshine polishing cloth.

NOTE : Skill level intermediate, requires practice.

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