EZ Tulle Wreath


EZ Tulle wreath

1 qty. 10” Extruded Styrofoam Wreath #30095977
1 roll of 6” Glitter Tulle – Orange #30157060
1 roll of 6” Tulle – Black #77442855
1 Halloween Design Pick/spray
1 qty. Chenille stem – Black #77669721
Sharp Scissors

Wrap the styrofoam wreath with black tulle. Tie off and cut off excess.

Cut the Orange Glitter tulle into 10” – 12” lengths. Wrap each piece over the wreath with the

ends extending outwards. Tie the tulle onto the wreath, double knot. Fluff the ends of the tulle. Repeat and go around the wreath.

Cut a handful of black tulle into 10” lengths and tie to the wreath in between the orange pieces every few inches.

Take the Halloween design spray and carefully curl the end. Place the pick on one side of the wreath. Cut a 24” piece of black tulle. Use it to secure the spray to the wreath by tying it onto the wreath. Make a bow and cut off the excess tulle.

Slip the black chenille stem onto the top of the wreath and use for a hanger.

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