Beaded Spider


20 gauge wire 30085106
24 gauge wire 30085108
Jesse James Beads (Design Elements for small spiders, Strands or Inspirations for medium-large spiders)
4mm beads
6mm beads
bead caps
6mm bugle beads, color of choice
11/0 seed beads, color of choice
round nose pliers
chain nose pliers
wire cutter

1. Take 5 to 6 inches of 20 gauge wire and loop or wire wrap one end.
2. String on a bead cap, a medium size bead(spider head), 2 more bead caps, a large bead (spider body) and then a final bead cap.
3. Keeping a 2mm gap between the head and body of the spider,wire wrap or coil the other end of the 20 gauge wire.
4. Cut 4 pieces of 24 gauge wire, each piece being 8 inches long.
5. Hold all 4 pieces together and use the chain nose pliers to grip the center of the wires.  Bend to a 90 degree angle.
6. Place the bend between the head and the body of the spider and firmly twist the 4 wires to secure them in place.  Separate the strands so that you have 4 going in opposite directions to function as the legs of the spider. We will now work one leg at a time.
7. First string on 3 seed beads and then a mixture of bugle beads, seed beads, and 4mm beads until you fill up 1 inch of wire.
8. String on a 6mm bead and then another mixture of bugle beads, seed beads, and 4mm beads until you fill up another 1 inch of wire.
9. String on a 6mm bead and then trim down the wire to 1 inch and use the round nose pliers to coil up the end until everything lines up tight.
10. Repeat for the other 7 legs following the same pattern.  As an option, you can make 2 of the legs on each side a little longer to create a more dramatic/realistic end result.
11. Bend the legs at the 6mm beads and reposition as needed.

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