Rice Mosaic


Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 8.35.21 AMSUPPLIES & TOOLS
Raw rice
Alcohol Ink, your choice of colors
4”x4” canvas board or heavy cardstock
Tacky Glue
Mod Podge, glossy finish
1 cup or bowl for each color you will make

  1. Pour a handful of rice into a small cup or bowl. Put about five drops of alcohol ink into the bowl. Mix until all the rice is colored. Add more drops if you desire more color. Repeat for each color you need.
  2. Next, use a pencil to lightly draw your image on the canvas or paper. If you are copying a printed image, you can use graphite paper to transfer the image.
  3. Spread tacky glue over a small section of your image. Place the rice down one by one. Work in sections so the tacky glue doesn’t dry out. You can use a BBQ skewer to help place the rice. Dip the pointed end of your skewer in the tacky glue to make the tip a little tacky and use it to pick up the rice.
  4. Once your entire panel is covered with rice, apply a thick coat of Mod Podge.

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