Angel Wing Necklace


angel wing necklace

20 gauge wire in your choice of color
26 gauge wire in a coordinating color
3 feet of Losolo chain in a coordinating color
Thunder Polish 3mm glass beads in your choice of color
Thunder Polish 12mm tear drops in your choice of color
Nylon jaw pliers
Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Wire cutter

NOTE: This is a free form project so please do not feel the need to be perfect during the creative process.

Cut a length of 20 gauge wire that is about 9 inches long.

Take your round nose pliers and grip one end of the wire. Roll that end around the jaw of the pliers until you have a curl that looks like the letter C.

Use your nylon jaw pliers to hold the curl while you bend the wire to create a swirl with the C in the center.

At about the . of an inch away from the curl, use your round nose pliers to make a medium size loop following the curve of the wire.

About . inch away from the medium loop, use your round nose pliers to create a small size loop following the curve of the wire.

Using your nylon jaw pliers and your fingers, gently bend the wire to that there’s a nice curve flowing from the first coil through the two loops.

About . inch away from the small loop, use your chain nose pliers to create about a 45 degree angle. This will be the tip of your angel wing.

Gently curve the wire to go slightly past the coil and wrap the end 2 times to secure it closed. Have the tail of your wire angled straight up from the wrap and hold it with your chain nose pliers. Make a 90 degree bend, if the wing is facing you flatly the 90 degree bend should be coming towards you.

Create a double loop wire wrap, make sure that the loops are large enough to accommodate your chain as they will become the bail of the pendant. After trimming off the end of the wire wrap, open up the double loop so that it looks like the letter V.

Take 10 inches of 26 gauge wire and we are now going to embellish the side of the wing with no loops.

Using your non-dominant hand, hold the end of the wire near the bail and wrap the wire around the section near the bail. You want to keep your wraps next to each other as you work your way around the curve. After 3-4 wraps, string on a 3mm bead and let if fall to your last wrap. With your non-dominant hand, hold the bead so that it remains next to your last wrap but is in position on the outskirt of the wing. Wrap the wire 2 times right next to the bead to secure it in place.

Repeat these steps until you have embellished that side of the wing up to the tip. After the last bead is secure, wrap the wire 3-4 times and then trim off the excess. Press down the ends of your wraps with the tip of your chain nose pliers so that they don’t protrude from your work.

Take 6 inches of wire and slip on a tear drop bead.

Position the bead in the center of the wire and then bring the ends of the wire above the bead.

Use your forefinger and thumb to gently press the wires against the tip of the bead until they meet in a triangle shape.

Taking the tip of the chain nose pliers, hold the wires that are directly above the tip of the triangle and make a 90 degree bend.

Take the round nose pliers and position the bottom jaw so that it nestles in the corner of the bend while the top jaw is directly above with tails of the wires gripped between the jaws. Bring the tails of the wires over the top jaw to create a semi-circle, release your grip and move the wires to the top jaw to complete the circle. Slip the loop onto the tip of the angel wing and then wire wrap down the tear drop until you cover the holes of the bead.

Trim off the excess wires and gently press the ends of the wires down so that they are flush to your wraps.

Thread your chain through the pendant bail and wire wrap close.

*Follow along with our instructional video.

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