Button Wire Ring



30129032 plastic ring sizer
30162283 22 gauge silver filled wire
30162225 button OM
Chain nose pliers
Wire cutter

Take 2 feet of wire and set it on the side.

Take your plastic ring sizer and find the size of the ring you want to make. There is a groove running down the length of the sizer, place the shank of the button in that groove and hold it in position 1 size up from the ring size you want to end up with. The ring will shrink down in size during the process of making the ring so don’t worry.

Take the wire, thread it through the button shank and leaving a 4 inch tail on one side of the button, hold both the tail and button in place with your non-dominate hand.

Using your dominant hand, take the longer wire and thread it through the shank so that the wire circles around the sizer and pull tight. Keeping the button in position 1 size up from your intended end result, repeat this step until you no longer can get the wire through the shank.

You should have two tails of wire coming out of opposite sides of the button. Using the groove as a guide, take one of the tails and thread it under the ring base. Bring the tail over and then thread back under the ring base until you have a couple of wraps that are pressed right next to the shank.

Move the ring up to your intended size and then continue to wrap the tail around the ring base using the groove as a guide. You want to try to have your wraps fall next to each other. Repeat this with the other tail until you have the same number of wraps on each side of the button.

Cut off the excess tail and use the chain nose pliers to press the ends flush against the ring base.

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