Musubi Reindeer Ornament




4”x4” white felt  77676635
4”x4” black felt  77676643
1 red 1/2” pom pom  30006964
1 brown chenille stem 77674085
8” of 1/4” wide satin ribbon for the bow
8” of 1/8” wide satin ribbon for the hanger 77676635
3/8” jingle bell (optional)
Pen/pencil for tracing
Sharp scissors
Low temp glue gun & glue sticks
Wire cutters (optional)


1. Trace and cut out pieces from felt according to the patterns (on reverse side).

2. Cut the brown chenille stem in half with a wire cutter or by twisting in the middle until the wire breaks. Take each half and bend and shape into “antlers.”

3. Place the “nori” black felt down in front of you. Place the “rice” white piece onto the black and position as you like, in the center or off-center.

4. Lift the top edge of the white felt and place an antler on each side and glue down to the black felt. Take the 1/8” ribbon and tie ends together, making a loop. Place the knotted end, under the white felt at the top between the antlers. Glue down for the ornament hanger. Next, glue the white piece down to the black.

5. Place the red pom pom in the center of the white felt and glue down for the “ume” nose. Tie a bow with the 1/4” ribbon and glue to the bottom edge.

Optional: glue a jingle bell below the ribbon.

Other ideas: You can glue another piece of black felt to the back, leaving the top open to create a pocket for treats or a note. Or, you can use glitter glue and write names on the back to personalize.


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