Bow Losolo



Losolo Chain 30168867
Lobster Clasp 30124285
3mm Roundel-Jet 30155564
Strand – Gun Metal Bows and
Black Jewels 30135819
Wire 26gauge Black 77186957
Maile Chain Rings 30120487
Jump rings

Fundamentals Findings ear wires 30124324
Strand – Gun Metal Bows 30135819
Roundel – Jet 3mm 30155564
Jump rings

Wire cutter
Long nose pliers
Bent nose pliers


1. Cut chain to your desired length.

2. Using a jump ring, attach a clasp to the end of the chain.

3. Find the middle of the chain, add a jump ring to the chain and attach one of the black jewels.

4. On the bottom of the jewel attach another jump ring and attach a metal bow.

5. Take 1 inch of wire and make a small loop at one end. String the bead onto the wire, loop the other end, and set aside. Repeat 3 more times. Use a jump ring to attach the 4 beads to the bottom on the bow.

6. For the earrings, attach a jewel to the bottom of a bow with a jump ring. Take 1 inch of wire, string on a bead, loop the end and set aside. Repeat this with another bead. Attach the two beads to the bottom of a bow with a jump ring. Attach the bow to an ear wire. Repeat steps for the other earring.

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