Mermaid Wrap Bracelet


SUPPLIES & TOOLS MermaidWrapBracelet
2mm brown genya cord
12mm lobster clasp
Crimp ends
Sea glass strand
8mm rosaline strand
Jump ring
20G wrapping wire


Wrapping The Loop
1. Using your round nose pliers, hold the wire about 1” from end and wrap the wire around the plier tips, to form loop. With your non-dominant hand, grasp the loop firmly with needle nose pliers, begin to wrap the shorter end of the wire around the longer length of wire. Wrap a few times. Using the side cutters, trim the excess short end of the wire wrap. Pinch tight with needle nose pliers, so it doesn’t poke out.

2. Slide your beads onto the wire, leaving 1” of wire exposed on the opposite end.

Repeat step one to complete the beaded loop.

Adding Leather
1. Cut a piece of leather about 12-13” long. Pull leather through wire wrap loop. Tie into a knot. Hold the leather loop with needle nose pliers and tighten knot by pulling down.

Attaching The Clasp
1. First, measure bracelet to fit your wrist, cut excess leather. Pinch leather end, lay end into tab connector. (for extra strength you can add a dab of E600 to the leather). With your needle nose pliers, pinch together sides of tab connectors. Repeat to other end. Using your needle nose pliers. Open jump ring, connect crimp ends and lobster clasp. Close jump ring.

2. You have now finished one bracelet. Repeat all above steps to complete your set of three.

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